Company overview

Greenspider GmbH is a young company operating in the growing fields of Internet of Things and Sharing economy.
Greenspider has offices in Munich (DE) and Rome (IT).
Thanks to its Satellite Tracking technology embedded in ultra-low-power circuits Greenspider contributes to the diffusion of efficient sustainable mobility schemes and usage of resources.


Facilitate and Promote a more sustainable, smart and intuitive usage (access, control and share) of resources connecting People and Things through smart Internet of Things solutions and the creation of a sharing community

Intellectual Property

Thanks to the support of EBN, European Innovation Network, and the Maiwald Patent Office in Munich, Greenspider finalized an European Patent Application, protecting the "Mobile Access Method" implemented in Greenspider solution called SMASH, Smart Sharing.
The European patent application No. EP14 196 604.4 has beed filed on the 5th of December 2014. Applicant Greenspider. The Title is Resource Control Apparatus, server Apparatus and Method for controlling a Resource.
The complete patented solution is available in a complete implementation, scalable for several Smart Mobility application, and engineered for large scale industy, by means of licensing options that can be estabilished together with Greenspider Trademark, that has also been registered as EU trademark, or independently. The full patent information can be found on the website of the Word Intellectual Property Organization.  



Greenspider has been awarded in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the EU program for Small-Medium Enterprises (SME) Horizon 2020.
Horizon 2020 Project is an European Program organized by European Commission to support and finance innovative research projects in Europe from 2014 to 2020. The aim is to provide support to early-stage high-risk innovative SME in the ICT sector. The Programme consists of three separate phases and coaching and mentoring service for beneficiaries.
In April, 2015 Greenspider has signed with EU Commission the Grant Agreement for the Horizon 2020 Project No. 672598 – SMASH, Smart Sharing, Phase 1. In the Phase 1 lasted 6 month, a feasibility study was developed verifying the technological/practical as well as economic viability of an innovation idea/concept with considerable novelty to the industry sector in which it is presented.
The Grant Agreement with EU Commission for the Phase 2 of the SMASH Project was signed in October, 2016. In the Phase 2 which lasts 24 month, the Greenspider activities focus on innovation activities such as continuous researches, testing, product demonstration, prototyping, piloting, scaling-up, miniaturisation, design, market replication and bringing the SMASH Project to industrial readiness and maturity for market introduction.